36 Unbelievable Variegated Indoor Plants with Patterns

Want to add a never-ending drama to your interior? Grow these 36 jaw-dropping Variegated Indoor Plants with Patterns!

If you believe that plants make this world more beautiful, you’ll fall in love with these 36 variegated indoor plants with patterns, blotches, smears, and stripes.

1. Variegated Monstera

Beautiful Houseplants with Patterns

Botanical Name: Monstera borsigiana ‘albo variegata’

No plant comes close to the sheer beauty of its variegated leaves in a bright shade of pure white. With a split-leaf appearance, it is going to be the center point of anywhere it’ll be placed!

2. Stromanthe Triostar

Variegated indoor plants
Image Credit: Frida Beth

Botanical Name: Stomanthe sanguinea ‘Tricolor’

With exceptional green and white variegated foliage, this plant will continue to amaze you with its appearance if you’ll take the right care of it with medium, filtered light.

3. White Fusion Calathia

Image Credit: Jungle in the Attic

Botanical Name: Calathea’ Fusion White’

A highly variegated calathea variety, the leaves look like they’ve been painted with splashes of white color. What enhances the beauty more are the lilac purple backsides!

4. Royal Variegated Banana

Botanical Name: Musa × paradisiaca ‘Ae Ae’

If you like large ornamental foliage, then this must be your pick! With white and light green variegation on individual leaves, it’ll add a bold character indoors.

5. Orbifolia

Botanical Name: Calathea orbifolia

Its large green leaves with stripes of bright shades will grab your attention!

6. Polka Dot Plant

Botanical Name: Hypoestes phyllostachya

This gorgeous specimen is noted for its unique ovate green foliage spotted with pink, rose, or lavender dots, while some varieties like Splash Series have multiple hues.

7. Aglaonema

Beautiful Houseplants with Patterns 2

Botanical Name: Aglaonema pictum tricolor

One of the most beautiful houseplants with patterns, this aglaonema type has artistic foliage that gives it a stylish appearance. It is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, and coffee tables.

8. Mosaic Plant

Botanical Name: Fittonia

Also known as the nerve plant, the fittonia genus has some amazing varieties that deserve a spot in your houseplant collection.

9. Aluminum Plant

Beautiful Houseplants with Patterns 3

Botanical Name: Pilea cadierei

The aluminum plant has outstanding leaves with silver patterns that resemble the shade of aluminum. Keep it in a bright spot to get the most of its beauty!

10. Prayer Plant

Botanical Name: Maranta leuconeura

Prayer plants are prized with a moving, velvety deep green foliage splashed with yellow dots that stay flat during the day and fold up like praying hands at night.

11. Painted Leaf Begonia

Beautiful Houseplants with Patterns 4

Botanical Name: Begonia rex-cultorum

Its bewitching patterns and intrigued shaped leaves can make anyone fall in love with it! This one also comes in many varieties, textured in unique markings, leaf shapes, and colors.

12. Crinkle Leaf Begonia

Botanical Name: Begonia moyesii

The plant may be compact and small, but it never fails to create a big and bold impact with its deeply veined crinkled foliage, having undersides in a dark maroon shade.

13. Balfour Aralia

Beautiful Houseplants with Patterns 5

Botanical Name: Polyscias scutellaria ‘Balfourii’

Create stunning texture indoors with shiny, deeply cut lacy leaves of Ming aralia, or you can go for Parsley aralia, which has alluring dense, curly leaves.

14. Silver Inch Plant

Botanical Name: Tradescantia tricolor

This popular trailing plant has beautiful fleshy, oval-shaped leaves with red, purple, and white hues. It also has broad silver linear stripes above and a purple hue below.

15. Silver Satin Pothos

Beautiful Houseplants with Patterns 6Botanical Name: Scindapsus Pictus ‘Argyraeus’

An easy-to-grow houseplant that comes with silver spots of reflective variegation on heart-shaped leaves with a velvety touch and a satin texture. You can see more such pothos varieties here.

16. Moon Valley

Beautiful Houseplants with Patterns 7

Botanical Name: Pilea involucrata’ Moon Valley’

The extraordinary feature of this plant is waffle-like foliage, with exceptional color and texture. It also forms small, creamy white flowers when exposed to bright light.

17. Watermelon Peperomia

Botanical Name: Peperomia argyreia

The foliage of this plant has a striking resemblance to a watermelon! This compact specimen is perfect for tabletops and shelves.

18. Swallowtail Plant

Beautiful Houseplants with Patterns 8

Botanical Name: Christia obcordata

This striking plant features wing-shaped foliage that looks like a butterfly with beautiful mahogany stripes. We also added it to our list of unique houseplants. Check it out here.

19. Variegated Swiss Cheese Plant

Botanical Name: Monstera deliciosa ‘Albo-Variegata’

This plant takes the word “variegated” to the next level with its eye-catching XL-sized leaves with white and green patterns!

20. Speckled Japanese Aralia

Beautiful Houseplants with Patterns 9

Botanical Name: Fatsia japonica ‘Spider’s Web’

The leaves of this plant are heavily patterned with shades of white that match perfectly with the green hue. The variegation also changes with seasons and the age of the plant.

21. Fruit Salad Plant

Botanical Name: Monstera’ Thai Constellation’

One of the most beautiful houseplants with patterns, and costly too.

22. Friendship Plant

Beautiful Houseplants with Patterns 10

Botanical Name: Billbergia ‘Hallelujah’

This striking bromeliad has upright growth and red-green foliage textured with white splotches, making it look like it’s been splashed with colors.

Don’t miss some amazing bromeliads you can grow indoors here

23. Cryptanthus


Botanical Name: Cryptanthus zonatus

This rosette-forming plant has a burgundy to deep green shade with irregular white cross bands over them. A true stunner!

24. Pearls and Jade Pothos

Beautiful Houseplants with Patterns 12

Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum’ Pearls and Jade’

A patented variety that was produced by the University of Florida, it is one of the most beautiful pothos varieties with white and silver-gray variegation of leaves!

25. Variegated Jade Plant

Image Credit: Mashrita

Botanical Name: Crassula ovata’ Tricolor’

This jade plant variety is more beautiful than the common jade plant, and the best part–it’s super easy to grow.

26. Birkin


Botanical Name: Philodendron ‘Birkin’

One of the rare houseplants with patterns, the philodendron has dark foliage that’s variegated with light yellow markings that look like sketching done by a fine artist.

27. Silver Vase Plant

Botanical Name: Aechmea fasciata

Also known as ‘urn plant,’ the leathery arched leaves are mottled in silver and sea green that goes perfectly well with its pink flower bracts and blue flowers.

28. Philodendron Burle Marx

Beautiful Houseplants with Patterns 14

Botanical Name: Philodendron burle marx albo variegata

One more Philo–the long and slender leaves are extremely variegated with shades that range from mottled pink, green, and yellow.

29. Flapjack

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe thyrsiflora

Noted for its foliage, which is a unique combination of large paddle-shaped leaves in green, red, orange, and yellow hues, the plant can change colors according to different light conditions.

30. Variegated African Violet

Beautiful Houseplants with Patterns 15

Botanical Name: Saintpaulia ionantha’ Modesty’

The easiest way to describe this houseplant–African violet is pretty, and variegated African violet is prettier.

31. Cleopatra Snake Plant

Botanical Name: Sansevieria ‘Cleopatra’

A slow-growing specimen, it can add a touch of charm with its intricate patterns on slender leaves that form a lovely rosette.

32. Agave lophantha

Beautiful Houseplants with Patterns 16

Botanical Name: Agave lophantha ‘Quadricolor’

All agaves are stunning, and this one is not different either except for its compact size. Keep it at a bright spot on a porch or patio to get the best of its beauty!

33. Dwarf Jade Plant

Botanical Name: Portulacaria afra variegata

It becomes a perfect specimen for bonsai. Learn about some more amazing indoor bonsai plants here.

34. Pin-Stripe Calathea

Beautiful Houseplants with Patterns 17

Botanical Name: Calathea ornata

What could be a better centerpiece than a live plant? This calathea variety is a prime example.

35. African Mask Plant

Botanical Name: Alocasia amazonica

The plant steals the show with its deep green foliage, accented by light green veins. The shape is like narrow arrowheads with a smooth and glossy texture.

36. Tineke Rubber Plant

Botanical Name: Ficus Elastica ‘Tineke’

The variegated rubber plant showcases yellow, cream, pink, or red patches on its thick foliage. Some also flaunt a blend of all four shades, creating a rainbow-like effect.

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