6 Sick Motorcycles Ryan Reynolds Rides Around On (And 8 Cars He Owns As Well)

Ryan Reynolds has been building his personal vehicle collection for over a decade and it would appear that his motorcycle of choice is the Triumph.

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When it comes to celebrity automotive collections that really stand out from the norm, one we can always vouch for is that of Ryan Reynolds. Notably, Reynolds has been in love with motorcycles and cars since a very young age. The babyface movie star who is notable for hit movies such as Deadpool and 6 Underground, has always had a serious affection for custom vehicles and motorcycles. His collection has been featured far and wide and has some of the most notable classic motorcycles that you’ll ever see. Commendably, Reynolds’ is not just a collection that sits idle. He is often seen riding his various motorcycles around L.A. streets, especially during the summer. Also, Reynolds has been improving his vehicle collection more and more with every year, basically increasing the rarity of his vehicles.

Updated on 19 July 2022: Ryan Reynolds is not just a heartthrob, but he’s equally admired when it comes to his taste in cars and motorcycles. Reynolds is a big supporter of EVs, and his automotive collection has grown quite a bit since we first published this article. Hence, we’ve updated it to keep you abreast with everything that’s going on behind the scenes.

Ryan Reynolds has been building his personal vehicle collection for over a decade, and it would appear that his motorcycle of choice is the Triumph. A brand that has a rare mix of sportiness and style which has made Triumph a more individual motorcycle choice for the discerning rider. This makes Ryan Reynolds a prominent owner. Certain vehicles in Reynolds’ collection also depicts his eclectic automotive taste. For a man who is known to be one of the highest paid actors in the industry, with an estimated net worth of $150 million, his car collection is actually quite modest and focuses more on the enjoyability of the ride as opposed to super expensive exotic luxury cars.

13Custom Triumph Thruxton


Motorcycle-wise Ryan Reynolds has a collection of interesting bikes that he actually rides around, and the Custom Triumph Thruxton is well worth the price. The Custom Triumph Thruxton is a well-rounded sports bike that really builds on the Triumph legacy of combining a one of a kind lightweight style with the signature V-Twin motor that the brand has become famous for.

Ryan Reynolds has been seen riding his Custom Triumph Thruxton around Los Angeles for quite some time, and it was built by Kott Motorcycles.

12 BMW E38 7-Series

Via: Zimbio

Luxury-wise you just can’t go wrong with the BMW 7-Series, a car that is synonymous with full-size luxury and quality. Ryan Reynolds is a staunch motorcyclist, but there are some instances when the actor wants to ride in comfort and style. The E38 is also an exciting car to drive with up to a 322-hp V8 engine under its hood for equal amounts of thrills when the time is necessary.

11 1964 Triumph 650

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What looks more like a custom chopper than anything, the Custom 1964 Triumph 650 — is a one of a kind motorcycle that has made a name for the brand. It’s obviously a nice addition to Ryan Reynolds’ collection.

Triumph has a large selection of different bikes which has given the brand an extraordinary standing in the motorcycle community, and the models continue to evolve as the brand ages in the motorcycle community, and that’s what makes Triumph special.

10Toyota Prius

Via: Just Jared

Ryan Reynolds is a wholehearted activist for alternative energy, and the Toyota Prius is one of his hybrid cars that he famously own. The Toyota Prius exploded in popularity after the economic downturn of the 2000s, when gas prices skyrocketed and there was a newfound need for a reliable and gas efficient cars.

The Toyota Prius is also one of the most practical alternative energy vehicles on the road as well, offering a superior level of comfort and interior room.

9  Dodge Challenger

Via: Patch

Now, just because Ryan has a few alternative energy vehicles in his fleet doesn’t mean that the actor doesn’t have a taste for excitement, and he just happens to be the proud owner of a mint condition Dodge Challenger. Known for its heavy size and awkward styling, the Dodge Challenger has come a long way in the last few years with an improved exterior and a much more powerful range of engines that gave the muscle car a new life.

Ryan Reynolds is the owner of an SRT version which was one of the most highly coveted models back in the day, with the Demon being the most powerful variant thereof.

8  1975 Honda CB750

Via: Silodrome

Perhaps one of the more surprising choices in Ryan Reynolds’ collection is the classic 1975 Honda CB750, an older motorcycle that was known for being an affordable commuter and this is a one of a kind bike that Ryan has been seen riding all around the area in which he lives.

The 1975 Honda CB750 is a perfect bike to ride around town because it’s very easy to maneuver, and the bike is extremely cheap to own and maintain, plus we think that Reynolds loves the classic appeal of the bike.

7Tesla Model S

Via: wsupercars

It’s no surprise that since Ryan Reynolds is such an eco-friendly petrol head, that he has a few electric cars in his fleet too, the most enticing one being the Tesla Model S. Now, his Tesla might not be a ludicrously powerful Model S Plaid, but it still packs a mean punch. His specific Tesla is blacked out, and can be considered a true environmentally-friendly sleeper capable of outsprinting most cars he’d come by on a daily basis.

6 Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster

Via: Page Six

In addition to his Dodge Challenger, Ryan Reynolds is also the proud owner of a Lamborghini Aventador S, which is one of the most exclusive exotic cars on the market. With a wonderful blend of beauty and performance, the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster is owned by some of the world’s most famous celebrities, including the Kardashians and Mark Cuban.

The Lamborghini Aventador S used to be one of the most powerful Lamborghini models to date, but nowadays, the SVJ’s gargantuan powertrain reigns supreme.

5 Nissan Leaf

Via: Green Car Reports

Ryan Reynolds is a supporter of alternative energy, so it is no surprise that the actor would drive a Nissan Leaf. Notably, Nissan actually gave the actor a free Nissan Leaf model because of all the positive publicity that the brand was getting due to the actor’s love for the car.

The Nissan Leaf is the first fully electric car that was sold to the public by Nissan and has remained a solid seller for the majority of its product cycle, even outpacing the Chevrolet Volt

4 Tesla Model X

Via cnet.com

And our final electric car in Mr Reynolds’ collection is the electric powerhouse of an SU produced by Tesla as well, the Model X. Just like the aforementioned Model S, his Tesla isn’t the Model X Plaid trim-level, but rather an older one. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t packed to the brim with cool innovative features, the Model X comes fitted with a plethora of safety features and autonomous driving capabilities, and it can seat up to 7 passengers, so the kids will finally have more quality time to spend with their parents.


3 BMW R nineT By Jane Motorcycles


As many of you know, BMW doesn’t just dabble in the art of creative automotive geniuses, but also create some of the most bewildering bikes too. Ryan’s personal motorcycle that was originally a BMW R nineT was transformed by Jane Motorcycles. It is unknown what Jane did to transform the bike’s engine, but on the outside, you can see a lot of blood, sweat and terms went into his R nineT to ensure it had an immaculate metal shine.

2 Ducati Paul Smart 1000 LE

Via: Fanpop

Another limited edition bike that Ryan Reynolds has been seen riding quite often is the Ducati Paul Smart 1000 LE, and this is a pretty rare bike with only 2,000 units produced.

Released in 2006, this bike took a good deal of design cues from older generation Triumph motorcycles, and this is part of the reason why Ryan prefers the Triumph motorcycles over other brands such as Kawasaki, Honda, and Harley-Davidson, all of which are also one of a kind brands that have innovated.

1 Custom Triumph built by Factory Metal Works

via factorymetalworks

This customized Triumph is a one-of-a-kind bike that is known for its one of a kind styling and fun to ride demeanor, which is different from the average bike that you might see coming out of a Triumph dealership.

Not only is it unique, but it’s also known for its lightweight design which has allowed the bike to be one of the best performers that you might have seen, which gives the bike a comparable edge on the Kawasaki Ninja.


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