9 Lucky Indoor Plants to Bring Good Health, Love, and Wealth

9 Lucky Indoor Plants to Bring Good Health, Love, and Wealth

Yes, lucky plants exist! Here are the lucky indoor plants that you should add to your home for a flourishing 2021!

According to Feng Shui, there are specific types of plants that are considered to bring luck, health, wealth, and love into your home. That’s why some plants are called “lucky indoor plants,” such as money plant or money tree.

Aside from purifying the air in your home and reducing stress, these lucky indoor plants are believed to balance the water element, which helps in displacing negative energy. Since we’re spending more time at home this 2021, why not bring some much-need good luck into our space, right?

Whether you’re already an expert in caring for indoor plants, a beginner, or just looking for more reasons to buy plants, here are our recommended indoor plants that will surely make your 2021 flourishing and wealthy.


Money Plant

The money plant is also known as the jade plant. It’s a generally undemanding houseplant, which makes it perfect for busy plant parents and first-time owners. The Jade plant requires direct sunlight or full sun to grow for at least four hours every morning. It needs to be watered once a week. Keep the soil moist, but don’t overwater it.


Money Tree

One of the most famous lucky indoor plants is the money tree. Feng shui experts believe that it attracts fortune, prosperity, and wealth. It’s also advised not to put the money tree in your bathroom as experts say it will drain or flush the positive energy away. Money tree grows best under bright, indirect light. Water the plant when the top 2″ to 4″ of the soil is dry.


Lucky Bamboo

The Lucky Bamboo, also known as a ribbon plant, is actually not bamboo. It’s a dracaena plant that’s known to invite good fortune into your home. It requires moderate or indirect sunlight to thrive. Keep your Lucky Bamboo plant’s soil slightly damp, but don’t let the soil get too dry, and don’t overwater it.


Rubber Plant

The rubber tree is one of the low-maintenance lucky indoor plants that can thrive a bit of neglect. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t like change, so pick a bright spot for your rubber tree and let it do its thing. Famous for its large glossy leaves, the rubber tree prefers bright, indirect light. Keep the soil moist, but don’t overwater it.



Orchids are one of the most beautiful lucky indoor plants because of their large blooms and vibrant colors. Orchids can enhance luck when it comes to the family. It also promotes harmony in a relationship. Orchids need a lot of bright, indirect light. It usually needs to be watered every few days.


Peace Lily

Peace Lily is considered to be one of the lucky indoor plants that bring good fortune and harmony into a home. It’s also a perfect go-to gift plant for your family and friends. Peace Lily prefers filtered light or light partial shade. It can also tolerate fluorescent lights. Water at least once a week and keep the soil moist but avoid overwatering.


Boston Fern

Boston ferns help create a sense of positivity in your home. It’s a perfect trailing plant to be placed in your bathroom or on top of a bookshelf. Boston ferns prefer bright, indirect sunlight. Keep its environment humid and make sure that the soil is consistently moist.


Parlor Palm

Parlor palm improves the balance of the home, and it also creates positive energy. Water the plant when the top inch of the soil is dry. Position your parlor palm in a spot where it can get bright, indirect light.


Citrus Tree

The citrus tree is also one of the best lucky indoor plants that attract money and good luck. It can also bring prosperity to a home. Allow the soil to dry out before watering. Most citrus trees need six to eight hours of sunlight a day.

Aside from refreshing your space, these lucky indoor plants can help you create a mindset that 2021 will be a better year. So go ahead, add these lucky indoor plants to your home for a prosperous year. Check out our Plant Care blog to learn more about different houseplants and tips on how to keep your plants alive and healthy.

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