About to be 50 years old, The Rock still shows off his muscles, his thighs are as big as a rock, making 4 million people admire

Despite being U50, The Rock still makes people admire because of its muscular and toned body.

The new image on The Rock’s personal page received nearly 4 million likes.

On his personal page, actor Dwayne Johnson, who is still known by the nickname The Rock, has posted a new image and received nearly 4 million likes. At the age of 49, he still makes people admire his muscular body. The highlight in this photo is the toned thighs like a rock. 

From a young age, The Rock has stood out with a more human body. He shared, at the age of 15 he was 1m90 tall and weighed 90kg. This does not make The Rock admired, but on the contrary causes many problems. People shunned The Rock because they suspected him of being an undercover cop. Prior to his acting career, he was a professional wrestler. 

The Rock at the age of 15 made people surprised because it was as big as a giant.

Coming from a family with a tradition of pursuing bodybuilding with a grandfather and a wrestler father, The Rock grew up watching his father compete in the ring. But at first, he had a passion for football and intended to pursue it for a long time. However, an injury forced him to give up his dream of playing football. Not standing still, The Rock changed the choice and achieved success.

Before filming, The Rock was known as a professional wrestler.

Undeniably, the impressive muscular appearance has helped The Rock make a mark with the fans. Although he is U50, he still does not stop practicing to maintain his body and health. Regarding the exercise regime, The Rock practices up to 6 days/week. The Rock’s daily training regimen can be divided as follows, each exercise is about 3 to 4 sets of 20 repetitions on average.

– Monday: Leg exercises

– Tuesday: Back exercise

– Wednesday: Shoulder practice

– Thursday: Arm/abs workout

– Friday: Leg exercises

– Saturday: Chest workout

The Rock trains hard 6 days a week with exercises for each area of ​​the body.

He wakes up at 4 a.m. and goes out for a jog. When he has to go on a business trip, The Rock goes to the hotel’s gym to go jogging. After finishing 30 to 50 minutes of cardio, The Rock will have breakfast. On rest day, The Rock energizes his muscles with epic “cheat meals”. Possessing a body like a giant, The Rock also has to eat accordingly to have enough energy to build muscle.

Along with the exercise regime, The Rock also applies a strict diet.

In his menu, protein makes up the majority. Each meal, The Rock eats about 220 grams of meat along with green vegetables and good starch. In addition, The Rock also drinks more proteins. A day, The Rock eats up to 5 meals, he says this is a wise diet. Thanks to hard training combined with a healthy diet, The Rock is becoming more and more perfect in terms of bodybuilding. 

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