Albino wallabies in Russia

At the end of May, an albino wallaby was born at Regina Zoo in Kazan (Russia), attracting the attention of the animal-loving community around the world.

Recently, the Regina Zoo in Kazan welcomed a wallaby (small kangaroo) with albinism, which is rare. This wallaby is named Alice and is in good health. The zoo staff directly caring for Alice said that Alice is quite strange, gentle and loves attention.

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This albino wallaby has white fur and red eyes. If grown normally like other wallabies, it can reach a maximum height of about 1 m and weigh about 20 kg. Meanwhile, kangaroos are larger in size, reaching an average of 2 m in height and 90 kg in weight.

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Alice’s brother – Alik – has a normal light gray coat color. Recently, two brothers were exposed to the outside environment at the zoo, after being assessed that they could withstand the weather and outdoor climate.

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In the wild, albino animals are lighter in color than their peers, often have a low chance of survival because they attract the attention of predators. When born in zoos or protected areas, they often become “stars” and are loved by visitors.

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