Bird of paradise, the beauty of wonderful artifact from mother nature.

Named the most beautiful bird in the world. In Vietnam, not many people know about this bird of paradise, to know more, please join the Dog and Cat Blog to spend 10 minutes to find out.

“Birds of paradise are divided into more than 45 different species ”.

Common name : Bird of paradise
Scientific name:  Paradisaeidae
Class : Bird
Diet : Omnivorous
Size : Approximately 0.1 to 0.9 meters

The great beauty of the bird of paradise

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1. Origin of the long-tailed bird of paradise

Bird of paradise has the English name Bird-of-paradise . This bird belongs to the lineage Paradisaeidae described by Vigors in 1825.

In addition to the heavenly name, this bird is also known as the seo flag bird , the sun bird , and the galactic bird.

According to Wikipedia : ” Birds of paradise , some documents in Vietnamese also known as  galangal birds ,  sorghum birds , are birds of the family  Paradisaeidae , living in several areas of Australasia, including eastern Indonesia, New Zealand, and New Zealand. Guinea and northeastern Australia. “

Currently, there are about 45 species of birds of paradise in the world , distributed mainly in Indonesia and Australia.

Birds of paradise are distributed in many Southeast Asian countries

2. Identification characteristics of birds of paradise

Most birds of paradise are colorful with yellow, blue, magenta and green plumage.

These striking colors make them some of the most impressive and fascinating birds in the world. Male birds have amazingly long plumage. This plumage is even more amazing than some ornamental chicken breeds like the Vietnamese red-haired junglefowl .

Some species also have a very large tuft of feathers on the head and long feathers on the wings.

An interesting bird that is familiar in our country also has very long tail feathers like the bird of paradise, which is the rowing bird.

Birds of paradise have amazing colors

3. Behavioral characteristics of birds of paradise

Birds of paradise in addition to having colorful plumage, they are also famous for their ability to dance and sing very well.

When it comes to mating season, the male birds will create smooth, soft dances to attract females.

While not capable of parody like some Monk parrots ,  the bird of paradise sings exceptionally well.

In addition to dancing, they also sing to create pleasant music to attract a mate. They are, however, seasonal mates. They do not live in a male-female pair all their lives like lovebirds do .

Because of their beautiful colors and voices, these birds are chosen by many connoisseurs of birds to buy and keep as pets.

4. Bird of paradise distribution area

Birds of paradise usually live in densely forested places . Their ideal habitat is tropical and subtropical forests.

Some lines have habitat near mangrove forests located in coastal areas.

This bird is raised and found most in the Indonesian area and the coastal forest area of ​​eastern Australia.

In Vietnam, this precious bird is found only in a few rocky areas in the northern region.

5. Mating and reproductive behavior

Also according to Wikipedia: “Members of the Paradise family are best known probably from the colorful , beautiful plumage of males of most species, which they use to attract females. have normal plumage) by dancing and spreading wings, tail dancing . The male has a long and beautiful tail. Some also have crests of feathers on their heads or colorful long wing feathers. The birds of paradise are among the oldest songbirds.”

Birds of paradise have amazing dances

Another thing is that male birds spend most of their life attracting mates.

Birds of paradise build their nests from soft materials, such as leaves, ferns, and vines. This bird has a habit of often placing nests in the hollows of trees.

The number of eggs that a bird of paradise lays varies according to the size of each species. Larger species usually lay only one egg, but smaller species can lay 2 to 3 eggs per litter.

Eggs hatch after 16 to 22 days .

After that, the chicks will leave the nest between 16 and 30 days old.

6. Number of birds of paradise

Birds of paradise are divided into more than 45 different species

Birds of paradise are found in New Guinea and surrounding islands. Two other species of birds of paradise called “manucodes” and “riflebirds” grow in Australia.

Most birds of paradise live in tropical forests (including rainforests, swamps and moss forests), Some species have been found in coastal mangroves

Birds of paradise in Vietnam

The brightly colored plumage is the reason why birds of paradise are a prime target for hunters, which in turn has led to the extinction of several species of the bird of paradise family.

Indigenous tribes in New Guinea often use the feathers of the bird of paradise in their costumes and rituals. For centuries, the feathers of this bird have also been popularly used in Europe as a female jewelry.

This slaughtered a large number of birds of paradise . At the same time, deforestation has destroyed the bird’s habitat, leading to the bird being on the protected list of many countries.

A bird found with a long tail

* More information about Bird of Paradise that you may not know:

  • Naturalist, explorer and writer Alfred Russel Wallace spent six years painstakingly writing about the oases he passed through, studying the surrounding phenomena, birds, including wild birds. road and published the book The Malay Archipelago in 1869
  • Birds of paradise vary in size, from 0.2 meters to 1.3 meters
  • The bird of paradise is a flower whose name is inspired by the bird of paradise because of its vibrant color. Besides, the shape of this flower is like a bird of paradise flying high in the sky.
  • The birds of paradise eat mainly fruits and arthropods. They also occasionally eat nectar and small vertebrates.
A bird of paradise with colorful beauty

7. What do birds of paradise eat?

Most birds of paradise are omnivores , which can eat both plants and insects.

However, the favorite and most popular foods are still fruits .

Their favorite food: wild berries, apples, nectar, worms and arthropods.

Because this bird is a fruit-loving species, after eating it often expels the seeds of that fruit.

Therefore, they are one of the good agents in the propagation of plants.

According to Wikipedia : “This bird is an important seed dispersal of several fruit trees in New Guinea, and a major seed dispersal of several species of mahogany and nutmeg.”

Birds of paradise contribute to sowing seeds and spreading sprouts

8. Where to buy and sell birds of paradise in Vietnam? 

Bird of paradise is one of the beautiful and rare birds in our country. In Vietnam, only the white bird of paradise is popular.

So, where to buy birds of paradise?

Birds of paradise are very rare

To find and buy these birds, you should go to stores specializing in ornamental birds to order.

You can go to highland markets to find and buy (birds of paradise often live in mountainous areas of our country such as Lao Cai, Dak Lak …).

You should apply for a bird’s license or look for a bird in a reputable state-approved facility. Some of these birds are very rare and will likely be in the Red Book of Vietnam. If you can buy such birds, please contact the facility to return them to the wild.

9. How much does a bird of paradise cost? Bird of paradise price updated 9/9/2022

This line of birds has a high price, on average, a bird costs from  4 to 7 million VND or more.

For the line of birds of paradise with a variety of colors, prices often fluctuate around tens of millions of dong.

Birds of paradise are expensive

10. How to choose a high standard bird of paradise.

Beautiful and healthy birds of paradise must meet the following characteristics:

  • Bright eyes, large beak and must be very hard.
  • The chest should be open and the back should be straight.
  • The bird’s feet should be large, hard, and tall.
  • A bird’s tail should be 2-3 times longer than its body.
  • The coat should be soft, growing in rows, not ruffled.
  • If it is a white bird of paradise, the head must be dark blue, the tail must be pure white.
  • If they are multi-colored birds, their colors must be distributed in blocks that do not overlap and confuse feather colors.
  • When buying birds, you must observe their actions.
  • If the bird sings a lot, jumps and is active, then buy it.
  • Birds that are more active will usually have good health, easier to take care of when purchased.

11. Conclusion

The bird of paradise is a masterpiece of creation

Above is all information about birds of paradise – birds with the most beautiful plumage in the world.

After reading this article, we hope to provide more interesting information about this bird to readers.


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