Bugatti Rimac CEO Mate Rimac, thanks to his extremely special position when managing two brands of Bugatti gasoline supercars and Rimac electric supercars at the same time, has made a quite interesting comparison. – Click on the photo to see more

Bugatti Rimac CEO Mate Rimac, thanks to his extremely special position when managing two gasoline supercar brands (Bugatti) and electric supercar brands (Rimac) at the same time, made a quite interesting comparison.

Vinyl records, mechanical wristwatches and now supercars are a trio of “outdated” technologies that are still preferred by users over modern (and less emotional) alternatives.

Bugatti Rimac CEO Mate Rimac this May was present at the Future of Car Conference organized by the Financial Times. According to him at the event, their electric supercar Rimac Nevera, despite having huge specifications and breaking countless records, is still not sold out. Only 50 out of a total of 150 cars have been produced.

On the contrary, Bugatti is now in the process of producing the remaining cars owed to customers before focusing all its efforts on perfecting and producing the Chiron’s successor supercar.

The sales of Bugatti Chiron and Rimac Nevera clearly show the difference in the supercar buying trends of global users when these two brands are about the same price (both about 3 million USD). Photo: Evo

According to this leader, when Nevera began development in 2016/2017, electric cars were still a fresh breeze in the market. On the contrary, they have now appeared in abundance, even “saturated” in some countries when not many customers have the need to switch to a new type of car.


The main customer base of Rimac Nevera in particular and supercars in general are strange and eye-catching. The fact that electric cars have become more popular has partly caused Nevera to lose that element according to the CEO.

Many operating parameters of electric supercars like the Rimac Nevera are superior to gasoline supercars and thus hold many records, but they do not bring emotions like competitors running internal combustion engines. Photo: Rimac

In addition, he also compared electric supercars with smart watches – smartwatches. Although they have superior versatility and practicality compared to classic mechanical wristwatches, they are rarely used by the wealthy. Instead, on their wrists are traditional machines that can do fewer tasks and are several hundred, even several thousand times more expensive.

In the CEO’s personal opinion, electric supercars like the Rimac Nevera have no way to reverse the situation when looking at the success of mechanical watches compared to smart watches. For that reason, half of this brand’s gasoline car, Bugatti, still uses an internal combustion engine even though the legendary W16 has been replaced by a new V16.


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