Can birds and cats live together?

Cats are predatory animals in which birds are one of the cats’ prey, so when these two types of pets live together, war often occurs.

As is often depicted in cartoons, cats will stalk and pounce on birds because these behaviors are so instinctive. But can these natural instincts be overcome by pet birds and domestic cats for a peaceful coexistence?

Cats and birds coexist.

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Cats and birds can co-exist in the house, but you will have to take certain measures to ensure that the cat cannot approach the bird at any time. A cat’s natural instinct to pounce, catch, and “play” with birds can manifest at any time, immediately putting your bird’s life in jeopardy. But of course, every cat and every bird is different. Some cats are completely uninterested in a pet bird while others will consider it their duty to capture a bird. You will need to assess your pet’s personality and always take precautions if you allow birds and cats to play together.

The natural instincts of cats and birds.

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Cats in the wild will hunt, stalk, and surprise their prey. Cats see birds as a hobby for play or food and do not distinguish between pets and wild birds.

Most birds, both in captivity or in the wild, will fly away with the slightest start, noise, or observation of a cat if they feel threatened. The bird may even emit calls to warn other birds of predators. Pet birds are usually not large enough to hurt a cat if they try to defend themselves but even if a large bird, such as a macaw, is approached by a cat, it will get scared. instinctively and will run away if possible before fighting.

How dangerous are cats to birds?

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This may seem like an obvious answer but cats can hurt or potentially kill a bird very easily. It will hurt a bird with its sharp claws or can cause serious wounds and bacterial infections in its mouth. Cats can also pluck vital feathers needed for flight, balance, and warmth, and cause serious emotional trauma to a bird that has suffered an attack or threat. Cats can even eat small birds.

Can birds be dangerous to cats?

Despite the fact that a cat is certainly more dangerous to a bird than a bird to a cat, a larger bird can still harm a gullible cat. Large parrots have strong beaks and claws that can deal damage to anything they decide to grab. They can pounce and bite a cat, especially if the cat is scared and doesn’t try to attack the bird. This is most commonly seen with shy or curious cats and frightened parrots acting in self-defense.

Ways to help cats and birds coexist.

Despite the fact that cats often want to catch and even eat pet birds, there are a few things you can do to help these species coexist peacefully in your home.

  • Birdcage Protection – If you have a curious cat, make sure your bird has a safe birdcage that cats can’t get into so you don’t have to worry about them while away. Also, make sure your cat can’t knock over the birdcage. Small cages such as canaries are often placed on the table and can be easily overturned. Secure the cage to a sturdy stand or table, or make sure the cage is heavy enough that the cat cannot push the cage. Finally, use a cage lock or keychain to make sure the cat can’t open the birdcage door.
  • Keep them in a separate room – Consider placing the birdcage in a room where you can prevent cats from entering. A bird in a cage being stalked by a cat (even if it’s safe behind bars) can cause the bird unnecessary stress.
  • Never leave a cat in a birdcage or aviary – Do not allow a cat in a birdhouse or cage, even if the bird is not present. You don’t want your cat to treat these areas as her own place and develop any sense of ownership or territorial claims.
  • Try to introduce your bird to your cat – This is usually a very slow process and you should start by simply allowing the bird and the cat in your cage to see each other from a distance. Finally, you can shorten the distance between the two of you after making sure you’re both comfortable and stress-free. Some cat owners who show no signs of going into predator mode will take their bird out of the cage and allow both to see each other without a barrier. If you feel comfortable trying this, then you must exercise extreme caution and alertness in case your bird tries to jump out of your hand or your cat tries to pounce on the bird.

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