Class of car enthusiasts: Seeing that his wife’s Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is so beautiful, her husband also “smashed it over and over” to make it “ton-sur-ton” – Click on the photo to see more

In fact, the husband was the one who ordered a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport first, but after seeing that his wife’s car looked “satisfactory”, the tycoon “destroyed and rebuilt” his car.

Although the Chiron line has ceased production, that does not prevent Bugatti from continuing to show off the remaining completed and completed cars to customers.

The latest cars introduced by the company are a pair of special Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, ordered through Greenwich dealership in the US. What is remarkable is not only because these two cars were ordered by a mysterious American wealthy couple, but also because of the way they decorated their cars.

The husband was the first to order a car, then the wife ordered a second car through Bugatti’s Sur Mersure personalization branch.

She worked with Sur Mesure’s chief designer, Jascha Straub, to re-imagine the iconic paint scheme of the Veyron L’Or Blanc edition launched 12 years ago. However, instead of white/blue like the original, the wife chose Rosso Efesto red and Arancia Mira orange.

Then, because he was so impressed with his wife’s car, the husband sent his completed Chiron back to Bugatti’s “headquarters” in Molsheim to perform a similar “transformation”.

Although it has a “ton-sur-ton” pattern, to create contrast, he chose a black bare carbon fiber body with a French Racing blue paint pattern.

Bugatti calls the intricate pattern applied to both Chrions the ‘Vague de Lumière’ effect because of the way it simulates the reflection of light.

The pattern is first applied to the exterior of the car, before each line is meticulously drawn by hand and then protected with multiple layers of clear paint. The female customer named the car “L’aura” or Halo and this name was painted on the underside of the rear spoiler.


It took the French car brand seven long months to turn the husband’s Chiron Super Sport into the one shown in the photos.

Notably, he even wanted his car to be like his wife’s car by installing a Sky View roof, meaning the original roof panel had to be removed from the monocoque frame to be replaced with a two-panel glass roof. The car was nicknamed ‘Coup de Foudre’, or “lightning strike” because of its blue paint lines that resemble lightning in the night sky.

But also, ‘Coup de Foudre’ is also French slang for love at first sight. It’s a fitting name given how the husband immediately decided to reorder the car when he saw his wife’s Chiron Super Sport.




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