Disney’s live action movie Cruella has just been released in the US. The work received a “rain of compliments” from critics. Cruella content revolves around the darkening process of the main character Estella de Vil (played by Emma Stone). This is a prequel to the fashion villain in the 101 Dalmatians cartoon, Cruella de Vil.

Live action Cruella is a fashion movie. The main character Estella is a girl who dreams of becoming a famous designer. For her, fashion is not only a job, but also a lifestyle. Right from this introduction, we must have guessed that the costumes in the movie will be heavily invested.

And Disney doesn’t disappoint fans. Disney has invited Jenny Beavan, a multi-time Oscar-winning costume designer ( Mad Max: Fury Road, A Room with a View ) to take on this important task. In the latest interview, she and the Cruella crew shared the behind-the-scenes secrets behind the gorgeous costumes on the film.

Why does Cruella use Punk fashion as the main theme?

Set in the city of London in the 1970s, Cruella is a “refurbished” live action version for the evil Cruella. In the animated film 101 Dalmatians , the evil woman has only one outfit, a black and white cape. As for the live action version, Cruella has 47 fashion poses!

The 1970s was when the new wave of punk fashion in London was born. Therefore, the creepy makeup with two colors of black and white paint is very suitable for the context of the film. 200 bottles of white hairspray were used to shape Emma Stone’s hair in the film.

“It’s very important to me that Cruella’s clothes have to be black, white, gray and red.”

– Jenny Beavan shared –

Costume elements typical of Punk Rock fashion appear throughout the film. For example, a dress made of leather, metal parts, dark lips, etc. Spotted patterns on a Cruella dress are also cleverly added to the outfit.

From casual to black tie, Punk Rock style can be applied

The movie Cruella has many scenes that allow the characters to show off their costumes. Specifically, the film has a fashion show, two grand ballrooms and a series of street scenes that gather a large number of “celebs”.

It is known that many costumes designed by Jenny Beavan are inspired by the aesthetic of designer Vivienne Westwood . An impressive scene in the film is when the character Estella burns her white robe outside, revealing a sexy backless mermaid dress. The blood red dress made Estella stand out from the crowd wearing all dark designs.

Behind-the-scenes tailoring for the movie shows off the dress’s punk rock design. The asymmetrical neckline, random rips and folds aren’t as smooth as a regular evening gown. Leather gloves and puffy black-and-white hair complete the rebellious character of Estella.

British royal military style is also used

In the film, Emma Stone has a splendid scene in a magnificent dress. She stood on the roof of a car outside a fashion show. The skirt is meticulously designed with more than 5,070 petals and 393 meters of organza fabric. The upper is a jacket inspired by the British Royal Army.


1970s London was an era of anti-government. To show their displeasure, the punks used costumes that represented the authority – like tartan and military uniforms – and tore it up. The military jacket and evening skirt also represent the common spirit of the time: chaos.

Dior aesthetics in fashion “enemy” Cruella, Lady Baronness von Hellman


In contrast to the main role of Cruella full of rock, Duchess Baroness von Hellman has a luxurious aesthetic, worthy of aristocracy. Her outfits are inspired by the Dior fashion house. “By the 1970s, Dior’s overly formal and edgy style had become outdated, old, and outdated,” says Jenny Beavan.

The character played by actress Emma Thompson owns 33 suits in the film. All are designed to suit her cold, sinister personality. The duchess’s style was in stark contrast to Cruella’s rebelliousness. She appeared in a dress with cool tones, such as moss green, black, and brown, contrasting with Cruella’s fiery red.



In the US, live action Cruella will start showing on May 28 on Disney+ platform and cinemas nationwide.

In Vietnam, after the Covid-19 epidemic is under control, it is possible that Cruella will soon be shown widely in cinemas. The film stars Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, Joel Fry, Mark Strong, Paul Walter Hauser, Emily Beecham…

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