‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Korie Robertson Once Missed Two Green Lights While Playing Fart Noises

No matter how hard we try, it can be difficult to avoid distractions out our windows when behind the wheel of a vehicle. For Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame, it was what was happening insider her car that was caused her to sit idle through two green lights.

‘Toot Noises on Her Tesla’

Several members of the Robertson family recently appeared on Sadie Robertson Huff’s WHOA That’s Good podcast. Before the crew got into deeper topics, they discussed Korie’s driving habits.

“A few months ago I was in the car with Mom and John Shepard and she was playing toot noises on her Tesla,” Bella Mayo, one of Korie’s daughters, explains.

For those who have never experienced it, Tesla introduced fart sounds as part of the commands in its vehicles a few years ago as a hidden Easter egg. It later become a Whoopee cushion icon under “Emissions Testing Mode,” according to a report from industry insider Electrek.

It’s a silly feature that can be a conversation starter when driving a Tesla. For Korie, however, it was more of a distraction from what was going on around her.

“Doing that, she sat through two green lights in a row,” Bella reveals about her recent ride in the car with her mom.

Korie quickly tried to explain they were “very fast green lights.” Willie wasn’t buying it.

“You know why she’s doing that, right?” Willie asks the others. “It’s because she was actually tooting. ‘Hey let’s do this again. Hey, that was the Tesla.'”

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Being Grateful After Someone Shot at Their House

The conversation during the podcast eventually shifted toward gratitude and generosity. The Robertsons discussed how the two concepts work together when helping others.

Korie talked about the need to find ways to be grateful in even the worst circumstances. For the Robertson family, it was when their house was struck by bullets during a drive-by shooting.

According to CNN’s report on the incident, at least 10 shots were fired at the West Monroe, La., home during the incident in 2020. One of the bullets traveled through the window of a bedroom where John Luke Robertson was staying.

Police later arrested the suspected gunman and charged him with one count of aggravated assault.

“It was very scary. They were in the home when it happened,” Korie shares, referring to John Luke and wife Mary Kate McEachern.

While the Robertson clan was shaken by the incident, John Luke still found a way to get past the negativity and fear.

“I remember John Luke saying ‘actually, it was a really good day except for just those few minutes,'” Korie recalls. “Actually, it really was. It was a beautiful day the sun was out. We were outside the whole day. The family was in and out.”

The Robertsons got right back to what they were doing after discussing the incident with the local police department — they had just ordered live lobsters from Maine, after all.

“(The shooting) happened in the afternoon, and then we still cooked lobster,” Korie says. “And everyone came over. We had a good day.”

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