Dwayne Johnson’s 3 Kids: Everything to Know

Dwayne Johnson shares daughter Simone with ex-wife Dany Garcia and daughters Jasmine and Tiana with wife Lauren Hashian

Dwayne Johnson and daughters

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a proud girl dad.

The Fast & Furious star has three daughters: Simone Johnson, 21, whom he shares with ex-wife Dany Garcia, as well as Jasmine Johnson, 7, and Tiana Johnson, 5, whom he shares with his wife, Lauren Hashian.

Johnson has never been shy about celebrating fatherhood and sharing sweet “daddy-daughter bonding” moments.

In 2021, he opened up about raising daughters to PEOPLE and said that it has helped him be “more tender and gentle,” adding that he and his wife are raising his two younger daughters in “an environment and a culture where there are no limits to life.”

He’s also been known to show off his sweet parenting practices online. On Dec. 6, 2022, he shared a video on Instagram of him holding and swaying his two younger daughters while Hashian performed ahead of an NFL game.

“Me holding my babies tight, while their mama @laurenhashianofficial sings a powerful & inspiring National Anthem to 70,000 strong at @sofistadium – will go down as one of the greatest and most moving moments of my life โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ,” he wrote in the caption.

Later that month, Johnson shared a video on Instagram of his two youngest daughters giving him a makeover, which included makeup and a blonde wig. “First morning back home with my tornados ๐ŸŒช๏ธ and by 8am they insisted on giving ‘Dwanta Claus a make over before Christmas,’ ” he captioned the Dec. 23 post. “๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿฝ ๐Ÿ’‹ I haven’t seen myself in the mirror yet but if I look as cool as I FEEL RIGHT NOW, then IM WINNING BABY.”

Keep reading for everything to know about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s kids.

Simone Alexandra Johnson, 21

Simone Johnson and Dwayne Johnson attend the premiere of Skyscraper at AMC Loews Lincoln Center.

The actor’s oldest daughter, Simone, was born on Aug. 14, 2001, in Davie, Florida, to Johnson and Garcia. She grew up mainly in Florida, where she graduated high school in May 2019.

Johnson splits his time between Los Angeles and Florida, and despite a busy work schedule, he always makes time for his family, including a quick round trip flight to Miami to spend Valentine’s Day with his “#1 Valentine,” Simone, in February 2019.

The month prior, the father-daughter duo hit the red carpet at Sundance Film Festival for the premiere of The Rock’s movie Fighting with My Family, though they both posed separately for the occasion. Later that year, Johnson sent Simone off to college at NYU in New York City, revealing on Live with Kelly and Ryan that they have an “awesome relationship” and that he is excited for her to start this next chapter, adding that “she earned it.”

The proud dad also said that he was not worried about any of the guys she would meet there. “I like to think, and it’s what girls do, they measure the men they meet in their life by their father,” he explained. “I like to think whoever she brings home is going to be a good quality person. And if they’re not … bang!”

Dwayne Johnson and Simone Johnson attend Paramount Pictures' World Premiere of "Baywatch" on May 13, 2017 in Miami, Florida

In February 2020, it was announced that Simone had signed with WWE and would be following in the footsteps of not only her father, but also her late grandfather, Rocky Johnson, and her great-grandfather, “High Chief” Peter Maivia. She began training that month at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, becoming the first fourth-generation Superstar in the WWE and the youngest signee in the history of the company.

In October 2022, Simone made her WWE TV debut as Ava Raine. Her identity had been teased in preceding episodes, showing glimpses of her masked face throughout the arena. Finally, the wrestler officially debuted her new persona as the fourth member of wrestler Joe Gacy’s faction Schism.

“It means the world to me,” Simone said in a statement released by the WWE. “To know that my family has such a personal connection to wrestling is really special to me and I feel grateful to have the opportunity, not only to wrestle but to carry on that legacy.”

Naturally, Johnson was “very very proud” of his daughter, telling Jimmy Fallon during a virtual appearance on The Tonight Show, “First of all, what an honor that my daughter wants to follow in my footsteps but more importantly, follow in my footsteps sounds cliché, but she actually wants to create and blaze her own path, which is so important.”

Jasmine Lia Johnson, 7

Dwayne and Jasmine Johnson

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Johnson and Hashian welcomed Jasmine, their first child together, on Dec. 16, 2015, in L.A. When Jasmine was born, Johnson declared that “Christmas definitely came early!” in a touching Instagram post about wanting to be a better father for his second daughter. Since then, he’s continued to happily embrace his role as “dad” in Jasmine’s life, enjoying their father-daughter movie nights, spa days and some good old-fashioned pranks.

In December 2017, Johnson brought Jasmine along to his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. The then-2-year-old stole the spotlight when she adorably told her father, “I love you,” into the microphone during his speech. Jasmine was also an integral part of her parents’ intimate wedding ceremony in Hawaii on Aug. 18, 2019, taking her role as the flower girl “very serious,” according to her dad on Instagram.

While Johnson is known as plenty of characters to the general public, he’s just a dad to his daughters. This was made even more apparent when Jasmine found out that he voiced the character of Maui in Disney’s Moana three years after the movie came out. During a December 2019 interview with PEOPLE, Johnson revealed that his toddler’s reaction to this news wasn’t what he hoped for. “I said, ‘You know, that’s Daddy’s voice, and I’m going to show you,’ ” Johnson said. “Maui starts singing, and I then start singing, and within 10 seconds she’s trying to put a pillow over my mouth and says, ‘You’re ruining the song.’ “

Jasmine has since gotten used to her dad’s fame and she now loves to introduce him to fans in public. During a November 2021 appearance on Today, Johnson shared his daughter’s adorable way of greeting his fans. “So now, what [Jasmine will] do is if she gets wind that someone is noticing me — we’re at a park and kids are noticing or parents — she’ll come up and grab me and she’ll go, ‘Dad, come on! They recognize you. Come, say hello. Come on, you’re The Rock!’ ” he explained. “So she pulls me over to this family. And she’s, like, ‘Here. This is my dad.’ ” He added, “It’s the best.”

Dwayne Johnson and daughter Jasmine Johnson attend the ceremony honoring Dwayne Johnson with star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on December 13, 2017 in Hollywood, California

Johnson continuously celebrates his daughter, teaching her the values of “girl power” and boasting about her wins on social media, including her victory at a horse-riding competition in May 2022. In a sweet Instagram caption, Johnson wrote, “So proud of our little one and her commitment to putting in the work to achieve her accomplishments.”

Tiana Gia Johnson, 5

Dwayne and Tiana Johnson

Johnson and Hashian’s second child, Tiana, was born in L.A. on April 17, 2018. A few days later, the actor bowed out of a CinemaCon appearance for his film Skyscraper due to being on “baby duty” and “team no sleep.”

“Wish I could be there in person. I’m so sorry I can’t be there. I am on baby duty right now. I just had my third baby daughter, Tiana Gia Johnson. We are so excited and so blessed so I’m on baby duty,” Johnson said in an Instagram video.

Ahead of the birth, Johnson expressed his excitement about having another daughter during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. He told host Jimmy Kimmel that he felt “good” about being a girl dad, adding, “I was raised by women all my life, basically. And this is my third daughter. [I’m] surrounded by estrogen. Bring on the estrogen!”

The Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle star has proudly flaunted his girl dad status with Tiana over the years — from showing off his “exceptional hair skills” and giving the “best mani in town” to some of their famed tea parties.

Johnson has also tried to instill confidence and self-love within all of his daughters. On International Women’s Day in March 2021, Johnson took a moment to teach Tiana some words of affirmation. In a touching video shared on Instagram, he encouraged Tiana to not only call herself a “pretty girl” but also an “awesome girl.”

Dwayne Johnson Puckers Up as He Holds Daughter Tiana During Her Princess Party with Friends


In May 2023, Johnson marked Tiana’s 5th birthday by posting a picture from her princess-themed celebration. In his snap, the actor puckers his lips as his daughter, dressed in a Sleeping Beauty costume, laughs.

“Monster ๐Ÿ˜˜ for Tia’s first princess party with all her friends. Lots of little magical Princesses running around the house having fun and none of them were scared of daddy ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿฝ‍โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ,” he wrote in the caption.

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