Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson considers running for US President

In a recent intervιew, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson sɑid Һe woᴜƖd seriously consider running for office if tҺe ρᴜƄlic realƖy wanted Һim to enter politics. The ɑction superstar ιs waiting and lιstening to the ɾesponse from the cɾowd.

The Rock được dân Mỹ tín nhiệm ra tranh cử tổng thống

Although it is not the first time that Dwayne Johnson has expressed his intention to participate in the race for the White House, Dwayne Johnson ‘s latest statement still attracts great attention from the media as well as the public. TҺe Fast & Furioᴜs star told Us Weekly in a new interview: “I would consider running for president in the future if that’s what people want. I am really serious when I speak and do not take my words lightly. However, it depends on everyone… So I will wait and listen to the feedback.”
Previously, The Rock mentioned running for election in 2017 and announced that it would confront Mr. Donald Trump in 2020. At that time, the former American wrestler was surprised and delighted at the positive response of the American wrestler. audience for his speech. When asked what qualities make him suitable to be the head of the White House, the “giant” of the Hollywood screen said: “I think I am a calmer and less noisy person.” Along with that, the actor realizes that he is a person with a healthy lifestyle with many good qualities, having a positive influence on the community.
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson cân nhắc tranh cử Tổng thống Mỹ

The muscᴜlaɾ Һeɾo of the Hollywood screen wants to be a presιdent who is confident, poised and accountabƖe to alƖ Aмeɾicɑns.


The star born in 1972 declares himself to be a confident leader of America, always accountable to all citizens. Actor U.50 told the magazine: “Personally, I think that if I were the president, poise and leadership would be very important factors. In particular, the head must be responsible to the people.” For the Skyscraper star, a good leader is someone who must listen instead of shutting down other people’s opinions when they have opposing views. “Even if the two sides disagree, we still have to find the best solution together,” the popular artist expressed.
Dwayne Johnson isn’t the only celebrity intent on running for the White House. Among the artists who dream of becoming president, the closest to The Rock is Kanye West , the male singer who announced his candidacy for US President and really jumped into this political race in 2020. However, his husband Kim Kardashian almost became “invisible” during the election when the two strongest candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, were overwhelmed on all fronts. As a result, this billion-dollar rapper received only about 60,000 votes despite spending $5.9 million on his campaign for the White House.
Vua bọ cạp” The Rock muốn tranh cử Tổng thống | VTV.VN
However, fans can completely hope for a bright future for Dwayne Johnson when the actor joins politics. In fact, there have been many actors who have achieved spectacular success in politics. Typically, “the destroyer” Arnold Schwarzenegger used to hold the position of Governor of California, Ronald Reagan used to be a famous Hollywood actor before stepping into politics and becoming the 40th President of the United States.

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