Emilia Clarke’s Future As An X-Men Hero In The MCU: Speculating Abigail Brand In Secret Invasion

Explore The Possibilities Of Emilia Clarke’s Role In The MCU’s Secret Invasion, Speculating The Potential Transformation Into Abigail Brand.


Emilia Clarke, renowned for her portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, has captured the attention of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans with her role in Secret Invasion. The possibilities surrounding her involvement in the series have sparked speculation and discussion among devoted followers.

Speculating Emilia Clarke’s Future In Secret Invasion

Emilia Clarke Teases Possible Return In Secret Invasion After Character’s Demise

The anticipation surrounding Emilia Clarke’s involvement in Secret Invasion reached new heights when it was announced that she would be playing G’iah, the Skrull daughter of Talos, portrayed by Ben Mendelsohn. Fans began to wonder if Clarke’s star power would elevate this supporting character to new heights in the MCU. However, the third episode of Secret Invasion took an unexpected turn when G’iah appeared to be shot and killed, leaving viewers questioning Clarke’s future in the franchise.

The Fate Of Emilia Clarke’s Character

Emilia Clarke Unleashes Marvel Magic In Secret Invasion Trust Surprises And Skrulls Await!

Many believe that G’iah’s apparent demise may not be the end for Emilia Clarke in Secret Invasion. The trailer footage hints at her survival, with several shots of G’iah that have yet to be shown. It is likely that Episode 4 will reveal G’iah’s survival and involve her in a covert operation. If this is the case, the reveal of her survival may seem predictable, but it would still be disappointing if Clarke’s character remained a supporting role after all the initial excitement.

The Possibility Of Abigail Brand

Many Fans Have Speculated About Emilia Clarke's Secret Invasion Role, But New Leaks Suggests That  Abigail Brand Is The Part She's Playing

Many Fans Have Speculated About Emilia Clarke’s Secret Invasion Role, But New Leaks Suggests That  Abigail Brand Is The Part She’s Playing

Considering the possibility that G’iah did not survive, attention shifts to the Skrull’s human form and the potential character she may have been impersonating. This leads to speculation that Emilia Clarke’s character could be Abigail Brand, a popular figure from the X-Men comics. Abigail Brand is a half-alien, half-human/mutant leader of SWORD known for her fierce attitude, alliance with the X-Men, and rise to power within the U.S. Government. With the Skrulls infiltrating important individuals in the MCU, Abigail Brand becomes a likely candidate for G’iah’s human form.

The MCU’s Connection And Adaptation

Unleashing The Power Of Super Skrulls: The Menace In Secret Invasion

Another possibility is that Secret Invasion serves as a platform to develop Abigail Brand’s origin story in the MCU, deviating from her association with the X-Men in the comics. The Super Skrull program, as demonstrated by Kingsley Ben-Adir’s character Gravik, provides healing abilities using Extremis. If G’iah obtains Extremis and survives the gunshot wound, it could set the stage for her transformation into Abigail Brand. This path would offer a fresh explanation for Brand’s alien heritage and a prominent role in future MCU projects.

Emilia Clarke As Abigail Brand



Fans have long speculated that Emilia Clarke would be an excellent fit for the role of Abigail Brand, both in terms of appearance and character dynamics. Marvel Studios unintentionally fueled this speculation with a promotional GIF that mistakenly included the tag “#Abigail-Brand.” While it could be a mistake, the lingering presence of G’iah, the assurance of Clarke’s continued involvement, and Marvel Studios’ swift removal of the Abigail Brand branding from the GIF have given this theory traction. It may be the only way to fulfill the expectations generated by Clarke’s addition to the MCU.

The Excitement Continues With Secret Invasion

Emilia Clarke’s Secret Invasion Character Sparks Speculation: Is G’iah A Super-skrull?

As Secret Invasion continues, viewers eagerly anticipate Episode 4, which will stream on Disney+ on July 12. The revelations in this episode will shed light on Emilia Clarke’s character and potentially provide insight into the future of Abigail Brand in the MCU.


Emilia Clarke Accessibility Vs. Complexity In MCU’s Secret Invasion

Emilia Clarke’s involvement in Secret Invasion has sparked widespread speculation among MCU fans. The fate of her character, G’iah, remains uncertain, leaving room for various possibilities. The theory that G’iah’s human form could be Abigail Brand, a beloved character from the X-Men comics, has gained traction. Whether G’iah survives or becomes Abigail Brand, Emilia Clarke’s presence in the MCU promises exciting developments and connections. With Secret Invasion unfolding, fans eagerly await the next episode to uncover the truth and witness Clarke’s continued involvement in the franchise.

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