Jennifer Lopez mysteriously wipes Instagram account and goes dark on other social channels

Jennifer Lopez has removed all of her Instagram posts and changed her profile photos on all additional social accounts to black.

Without explanation, late Tuesday (22 November), the “On the Floor” singer’s most widely followed social media platform, with 226 million followers, appeared to have been wiped of previous posts, and her profile picture was replaced with the colour black.

Similarly, Lopez’s Twitter (45.5 million followers) and TikTok (15.4 million followers) also showed a black image in place of her profile picture. Although, all other posts still remain on those profiles.

Zien: Jennifer Lopez met nineties-vlechten, dé kapseltrend van nu


The 53-year-old Hustlers star’s latest social media post includes a retweet of stills from her forthcoming movie, Shotgun Wedding, the same day the other changes appear to have been made.

Meanwhile, her latest TikTok video from two days ago shows her and husband Ben Affleck smiling and hugging tightly, overlayed with the sound: “Guys, I did it. I found the person that makes me the happiest I’ve ever been.”

Lopez has not yet publicly acknowledged the changes made, nor given reason as to why she made them.

The Independent has contacted Lopez’s representatives for comment.

<p>Jennifer Lopez Instagram account</p>

Lopez and Affleck got married this summer, after rekindling their relationship from the early 2000s.

She went on to take his surname as her legal last name, and defended her decision against fan criticism, saying that she can still feel “empowered” as a woman while also taking her husband’s last name.

Lopez will star opposite Josh Duhamel in Shotgun Wedding, which is scheduled for release on 28 December.

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