Let’s look back at the Game Of Thrones Dragon Mother and long hair full of nostalgia

Without further discussion, Emilia Clarke shined as the Mother of Dragons Daenerys after Game Of Thrones because of the way the series that took the world by storm said it all. Without the outstanding platinum long hair and the captivating beauty of Daenerys played by Emilia, perhaps Game of Thrones would have “dropped” half its success compared to the present. Let’s take a look back at the Mother of Dragons with Dep365 and her beautiful and memorable long hairstyles through the seasons!

#Season 1:

When we first meet Daenerys in Season 1 of Game of Thrones , she’s really just a young woman playing the role of a “pawn” in Viserys’ brother Viserys’ game of retaking the Iron Throne. However, the characteristic icy white hair of the Targaryens family girl left a deep impression in the hearts of fans. Especially when Daenerys appeared with sad eyes, sexy lips, fair skin and brilliant platinum hair that was braided and loosely loose on her back.

#Season 2:

Daenerys undergoes a great transformation after traveling to Qarth and giving birth to three baby dragons. But it’s not only her confidence, but also the transformation of her slightly wavy hair with small waves. But how she found a “hot” hair tool to get beautiful long hairstyles in Immortal House remains one of the film’s biggest mysteries.

#Season 3:

Season 3 is the process of gathering the Unsullied army of the Dragon Mother. At this time, she met and became allies with Daario – her future lover and chose the nickname Mhysa (in Ghiscari means mother), Daenerys transformed with curly hair braided close to her head still in her hair color. characteristic platinum. One Reddit user pointed out that it closely resembles her late husband Khal Drogo’s hair.

#Season 4:

In season 4, Daenerys still wears the same familiar braided hairstyle in season 3. When she talks about the fact that being queen isn’t as easy as she thought, her braids grow longer and thicker. .

#Season 5:

By Game of Thrones season five, Daenerys once again rejected Jorah’s affection and loyalty before taking on Tyrion Lannister as a mentor. If you’re a little more subtle, you’ll notice her cold blonde braids get more and more intricately styled as she makes her way to the Iron Throne.

#Season 6:

Daenerys was nearly killed at the end of Season 5 of Games Of Throne . By season 6, she became a prisoner of the Dothraki – a fate worse than death. Her ruffled hair and tattered clothes show how weak and lonely the queen has become. But even though she looks exhausted and lonely in the image of a prisoner, she still makes the audience flutter thanks to her “walled” beauty and small braided hairstyle, hidden in bouncy curls.

#Season 7:

Fortunately, Daenerys escapes, takes his fleet of ships to Dragonstone and forms an alliance with Jon Snow. Not sure if she thought she would win at the time? However, her long hair is now tied into a tighter ponytail with “orderly” waves and decorated with several braids, showing her determination .

#Season 8:

It wasn’t until Daenerys traveled to Winterfell with her army and Snow that once again her hair suddenly changed. She seems to have abandoned the ponytail at the time of the war in favor of a more elaborate and elaborate half braid. It can be said that this hairstyle looks a lot like Cersei’s previous style in season 5, when she reached the peak of cruelty.

And by the time Daenerys was at her worst, she had lost her appetite and her signature braid changed after the death of Missandei, a trusted advisor. During the grief phase, Dany appears in Dragonstone with her platinum hair loose, uncombed, and disheveled. But of course, you still have a crush on her, right?  

However, her series of beautiful long hairstyles in season 8 has not ended. Did you notice her extra-long platinum braid ? It could be a sign that Khaleesi is ready for battle – one that she plans to win.

In the ending scene, the image of the back of the Dragon Mother standing at the top with her curly hair braided in a sophisticated way still makes it difficult for the audience to forget. And did you notice that her braids are still intact and thicker than ever? Does this imply that the war is finally over and Targaryen reigns supreme?

The filmmaker was extremely skillful in using hair to build the character’s shape as well as weave the story of the beauties. However, whatever the purpose, the long beautiful hairstyles of the Mother of Dragons have always been a legendary beauty with fans.  

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