Meet Silas, a kitten who was left on the side of the road but was found by a compassionate family from Florida

After being picked up by his forever-family, the kitten recovered in only a few weeks

Silas’ family was very happy with his health, but what surprised them the most wasn’t his quick recovery

It was in fact… the amount of “floof” this boy gained as he started growing rapidly



Within less than a year, Silas became what one could call a living, breathing cat cloud


Seeing that, his owners decided to set him up with an Instagram account where they started sharinng the cat’s adorable pictures


It didn’t take long before Silas’ story and pictures went viral on social media as people marveled over the fluffy cat

I mean, what’s not to like here? Just take a look at him

The blue-eyed cat is assumed to be a Ragdoll

That being said, it’s rather hard to believe he is the same kitten from before


However, one thing is for sure – this boy likes to spread some “pawsitivity” with his cute photos as he enjoys a carefree life at his forever home