The 10 Best Emilia Clarke Performances To Watch if You Like ‘Secret Invasion’

“I am no ordinary woman. My dreams come true.”

The famous British actress Emilia Clarke has had fans swooning over her beauty and talent ever since she took over the mantel of Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. Her innocent yet fierce performance in the show left people wanting more. Emilia Clarke has consistently demonstrated her range and versatility throughout her career in Hollywood. From powerful leaders to vulnerable individuals, Clarke has brought her unique blend of strength and vulnerability to each role, solidifying her place as one of the industry’s most talented actresses.

Marvel Studios included Emilia Clarke in the latest project Secret Invasion which has been streaming on Disney+. The much-awaited series also stars Samuel L Jackson, Cobie Smulders, and Olivia Colman. After this, we can understand if you want to explore more of Emilia Clarke’s performances. Here, we take a look at her 10 best performances in Hollywood.

10Sarah Connor in ‘Terminator Genisys’ (2015)

Sarah Connor, the Terminator, and Kyle Reese looking at a map in Terminator: Genisys.
Image via Universal

Terminator Genisys, directed by Alan Taylor, is the fifth installment in the Terminator franchise and serves as both a sequel and a reboot to the series. Emilia Clarke takes on the iconic role of Sarah Connor, a character made famous by Linda Hamilton in the original films.

Emilia Clarke’s portrayal of Sarah Connor showcases her ability to play strong and determined characters. She brings a sense of fierce independence to the role while also displaying vulnerability and a deep sense of responsibility toward saving humanity. Clarke’s Sarah Connor is a complex character who is both a protector and a fighter, seeking to change her destiny and the future of mankind.

9Kate in ‘Last Christmas’ (2019)

Last Christmas

Last Christmas is directed by Paul Feig and co-written by Emma Thompson. The holiday romantic comedy with a heartwarming twist stars Emilia Clarke as Kate, a young woman struggling with her life in London, working as an elf in a year-round Christmas shop.

In this holiday rom-com, Clarke stars as Kate, a young woman struggling to find her footing in life. She is both funny and heartfelt, bringing depth and charm to the character. Her performance as Kate is a testament to her versatility as an actress, as she seamlessly transitions from comedic moments to emotionally charged scenes. The chemistry between Clarke and Golding is palpable, making the relationship between Kate and Tom feel genuine and heartwarming.

8Verena in ‘Voice from the Stone’ (2017)


This Gothic thriller set in 1950s Tuscany is directed by Eric D. Howell. Emilia Clarke plays Verena, a young and talented nurse who specializes in helping traumatized children. She is hired by a wealthy family to care for their mute son, Jakob, who hasn’t spoken since the sudden death of his mother.

Clarke captures the essence of a woman caught between her dedication to her profession and the sinister energies threatening to consume her. Her performance evokes a sense of vulnerability and determination, allowing the audience to connect with her character on a deeper level. Her performance showcases her ability to tackle darker and more intense roles.

7Sally in ‘Spike Island’ (2012)


The story revolves around their journey to attend the legendary Spike Island concert in 1990, which was a pivotal moment in the history of the UK music scene. In this coming-of-age drama, Clarke plays Sally, the love interest of a young aspiring musician. While it’s a smaller role, her performance adds a touch of romance and charm to the film.

Sally is a spirited and lively character who shares her friends’ love for music and adventure. Emilia Clarke’s portrayal of Sally showcases her ability to play a charming and fun-loving character who is an integral part of the group’s dynamic. Despite the varied reception, Emilia Clarke’s performance as Sally was well-received for her ability to create memorable characters in various genres.

6Evelyn in ‘Above Suspicion’ (2019)

Emilia Clarke Above Suspicion social

Above Suspicion outlines a dramatic and chaotic story of two sisters who couldn’t be more different in personalities. While Susan is calm and responsible, Evelyn is pure menace and chaos. As the latter battles drug addiction and poverty, the two sisters must come together to navigate life and emerge victorious.

This crime thriller sees Clarke playing Evelyn, a woman caught up in a dangerous FBI operation. Her gripping performance demonstrates her range and ability to tackle more complex characters. She can bring Evelyn to life with the needed fierceness and strength.

5Malu in ‘Murder Manual’ (2020)


Murder Manual is an anthology horror film consisting of eight short films, each exploring different aspects of fear and macabre. In “Shackled,” Malu is a traumatized woman who finds herself chained to a wall in a dark and eerie circus. She is haunted by disturbing memories and must confront her inner demons to break free from her physical and emotional captivity.

Emilia Clarke’s portrayal of Malu showcases her ability to play a vulnerable and tormented character, struggling to make sense of her harrowing situation. Clarke stars as a woman held captive by a sadistic circus master. Her intense performance is a testament to her versatility as an actress as she leaves no stone unturned and fully immerses the viewers into the story.

4Lauren in Dom Hemingway (2013)


Dom Hemingway is directed by Richard Shepard. The British black comedy crime film features Jude Law as the titular character. The story follows Dom, a notorious and volatile safe-cracker who, after being released from prison, seeks to collect the money he’s owed for keeping his mouth shut during his 12-year sentence.

Emilia Clarke plays Lauren, Dom’s estranged daughter. Lauren is a singer and a grounded, responsible young woman, who has distanced herself from her father due to his criminal past and absence from her life. Throughout the film, Dom attempts to reconnect with Lauren, who is initially reluctant to let him back into her life. Emilia Clarke’s portrayal of Lauren adds an emotional depth to the story, as it explores the impact of Dom’s past actions on his family and his attempts to make amends.

3Louisa Clark in ‘Me Before You’ (2016)

me before you emilia clarke sam claflin cripface

Based on a best-selling novel by Jojo Moyes, this movie is a tearjerker at best. It follows Louisa’s journey as she accepts a job to care for Will, a man who becomes disabled after an accident.

In this romantic drama, Clarke plays Louisa Clark, a quirky and cheerful caregiver who forms an unlikely bond with a paralyzed man, played by Sam Claflin. Her heartwarming performance was lauded by critics and audiences alike. It almost feels like seeing Clarke in her true essence as she deeply resonates with the character who is so full of life and uplifting.

2Qi’ra in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ (2018)

Image of Qi'ra from Solo A Star Wars Story

Solo is a spin-off from the Star Wars universe portraying our favorite character Han Solo’s origins and life. Qi’ra is Solo’s childhood friend and partner in crime, but they grow apart. The character of Qi’ra adds depth and intrigue to the story, as her relationship with Han is challenged by their divergent paths and the complexities of the criminal underworld.

As Qi’ra, Clarke stepped into the Star Wars universe and delivered a captivating performance as Han Solo’s childhood friend and love interest. The film is full of twists and turns, and her character’s complexity and moral ambiguity make her performance stand out in the film.

1Daenerys Targaryen in ‘Game of Thrones’ (2011-2019)

Emilia Clarke in front of a map of Westeros
Image by Jefferson Chacon

Emilia Clarke’s portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons, is undoubtedly her most iconic role to date. Across eight seasons, Clarke breathed life into the character, showcasing her journey from a timid and oppressed young woman to a powerful and formidable leader.

The show received amazing reviews and is loved by both fans and critics alike. Nonetheless, Clarke was able to consolidate her place in the cast because of her acting skills which made us believe she is truly worthy of the throne by the end of the show.

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