The dog was dyed by the owner, abandoned to death because he could not make money

Witnessing the scene of poor Samoyed dogs in pink and blue fur running everywhere to earn money for their owners, many netizens were both moved and indignant.

Dogs are dyed with their owners to make money on the street The dogs are dyed colorfully by their owners, then taken to resorts in Russia to earn money by taking pictures with tourists.

An animal-loving organization recently successfully rescued three Samoyed dogs (two pink, one blue) abandoned by their owners in the forest, about 56 km from the city of Gelendzhik, Russia.

Rescue workers say one dog was injured by a gunshot. They are abandoned possibly due to “no longer of use value”. All three were then taken to a veterinarian in Moscow to recover soon.

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Samoyed dogs originally owned white fur, but the owners of three dogs used chemicals to turn them into pink Samoyed, blue Samoyed to attract the attention of people and tourists in resorts.

A street photographer thinks it is easy and cheap to “color” dogs, whether owners choose to spray paint or dye them with chemicals.

Many people, especially children, find Samoyed “friends” so adorable that they are willing to pay to be photographed with them.

As soon as the news about the pitiful dogs spread online, the former owner Mark Protsenko stated: “Animals are for eating or making coats, shoes and gloves.” This opinion of Mark was immediately criticized by netizens.

Pink and blue dogs are noticed by many people and are willing to pay to take pictures with them.

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Pink and blue dogs are noticed by many people and are willing to pay to take pictures with them.

According to The Sun , Mark sold the three dogs to others, before the rescue team found them in the woods. He and his wife used to earn £270 a day from leading colorful “four-legged friends” around resorts in Russia.

“Customers surround us, even if I just take them for a walk. It’s peak season. They (the dogs) make good money going to the resorts,” Mark proudly boasted.

This person is also not afraid to admit that the reason for selling some is because there are too many. The couple has been “active” at a number of famous tourist destinations in Russia.

Faced with this situation, an animal protection group urges people and tourists not to support the business way of people like Mark and speak up whenever they see that inhumane scene.

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The “four-legged friends” on the car to Moscow.

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One of the rescued dogs suffered severe ear injuries.

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This “friend” is slowly recovering from being abandoned in the forest.

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Two “friends” are enjoying a happy life after going through a lot of pain.

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