The power of ‘hawk eye’ early warning E-2C

The ‘hawk-eye’ E-2C is America’s main early warning aircraft with many outstanding features that many other types do not have.


The E-2C is the US Navy’s main early warning aircraft , used for large-scale space control.


It can detect high-altitude bombers from a distance of 741km, warships from a distance of 360km, cruise missiles from 269km and fighters from 408km.


It is equipped with the AN/APS-138 composite aperture radar, each of which can simultaneously track 600 targets and control over 40 aerial interception missions.   


The E-2C is a twin turboprop aircraft with a top speed of 598km/h.


E-2C has a length of 17.60m; height 5.58m; wingspan 24.56m and wing area 65m2.


Ceiling flight 10,576 m, operating distance 320km, continuous flight time 6h6′.


The crew on an E-2C early warning aircraft was 5 people.


E-2C’s empty take-off weight is 18,090 kg, maximum take-off weight: 26,083 kg.


The E-2C aircraft is currently used by the US Air Force, Israel, Japan, Greece, France…


In addition to the E-2C, the new version of the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye is being used by the US military and the Japanese Self-Defense Forces .

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