The Rock Walks You Through His Signature Apple Margarita Recipe

‘Tis the season.

Fall is here, the weather is cooling down, drunk quarantine summer is about to turn into drunk quarantine fall, and while a regular ol’ margarita will still do the trick, why not get with the times.

We’re talking about turning up the flavor dial with some apple, some pumpkin, maybe a little cranberry, cinnamon, whatever… and thankfully we have Dwayne The Rock Johnson and his Teremana Tequila to kick things off.

Walking us all through his signature Orchard Apple “Manarita,” it’s guaranteed to hit the spot this season.

“It’s fall! Here’s my delicious Teremana Orchard Apple Manarita.”


2oz Teremana Reposado Tequila

.75oz Fresh Lime Juice

1oz Fresh Apple Juice

.5oz Agave Nectar


Build in a rocks glass, garnish with an apple slice and finish it off with a cheeky cinnamon stick.

“Cheers, my friends and enjoy your Mana!”

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