The unluckiest dealership in the world: 2 times employees crashed super cars, the latest ‘victim’ is Ferrari 84 billion – Click on the photo to see more

Perhaps it is rare for any supercar dealer to be unlucky enough to have a supercar accident twice like the one below, especially when they have a preventative plan for the latter case.

The German press, at the end of April, recorded a “serious” accident with the main victim being an ancient 1990 Ferrari F40.

According to Germany’s most prestigious newspaper Bild, the Ferrari crashed while traveling to the Motorworld exhibition held in this country. The car is owned by a dealer specializing in restoring luxury cars called Mechatronik and is valued by the dealer at 3.3 million USD (approximately 84 billion VND).

Because the dealership was less than 20km from the above mentioned exhibition, they decided to bring the car to the event to find a buyer. The car key was given to a 24-year-old employee at the dealership so they could drive to the exhibition. However, after only traveling a few kilometers, the car crashed into the wall of a tunnel on the way.



Observing from the photo, it seems that only the outer body of the old Ferrari F40 is affected so it can still be repaired, but the car’s value will go down and high repair costs are unavoidable. Photo: Bild
It is unclear whether the accident occurred because the young employee “tested” the Italian sports car and lost control, or because of a technical error as this person initially claimed. Fortunately, this collision mainly comes from the side and can be repaired without affecting the original V8 engine (the most expensive element of a classic car of this type). However, the car body made from carbon fiber still means expensive repair bills.

Unfortunately for Mechatronik agents, this is not the first time they have encountered such a rare case. In 2013, the same dealership employee overturned a Mercedes 300 SL during transportation. After the above accident, they said they would require employees to take high-performance driving courses. If the above factors are taken seriously, it is truly unlucky for this agent that their staff will “report” a second time.

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