Where is the red panda, how to raise it, and how much is it?

One of the wild animals that has been listed in the Red Book is the red panda . They are gradually declining in both species and numbers due to many reasons.

Their characteristics are not too difficult to identify in the wild. It is urgent to conserve and maintain this species, taking radical measures.

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The scientific name is Ailurus fulgens, which is one of the mammals. In Latin, the meaning of this name is bear cat or fire cat. The English name of this animal is red panda.

Belongs to the panda family, native mainly in China (southwest) and in the Himalayas. Specifically, northern Myanmar, Sichuan, Tibet, India, etc.

Zoologists study them probably from the 13th century in China. And the new 19th century is in Africa with many interesting discoveries.

The discoverer was Frederic Cuvier, the co-researcher was Thomas Hardwick. Although it belongs to the bear family, it is more compared to cats.

But actually there is not much in common with domestic cats except for the size.

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General features

In terms of size, this animal is not much larger than a domestic cat. Light weight, looks quite small even the head or body.

Each is from 50 to 64 cm long including the head, tail length is 28-29 cm which is quite impressive. Weight for males is 3.7 to 6.2 kg, females are lighter only from 3 to 6 kg/head.

The long coat covers the whole body, and is very soft, especially the tail feathers. Thanks to the hair, the tail looks very beautiful, thick and bouncy. In addition, there are many impressive red/yellow/brown stripes.

The plumage is reddish brown, except for 4 black hairs, the face also has white spots. The two ears are also prominently white, the face is very impressive and funny.


Many people commented that it looked like a red panda wearing a mask. Some people think that its face resembles a North American panda.

However, it is possible to distinguish red panda through its round face. The ears are always in an upright state, the nose is small and black. Especially the black eyes like relatives in general.

4 short legs, the soles of the feet are padded with thick fur for insulation. Especially on ice or snow, masking their distinctive scent glands.

The ruffled tail is not only impressive in color but also helps them keep their balance. When winter comes, it is used to keep the body warm by wrapping it around the body.

Where they live, there are often white lichens and red moss, so the color they have is very favorable. Helps them to be easily mixed, camouflage to avoid dangers.

Daily practice

At first glance, they are very gentle and kind, friendly in nature. But when there is a need to fight, they are still ready to fight the opponent.

Therefore, if they want to be artificially kept in captivity, they are still very well adapted. This species is mainly nocturnal, spending only time to relax during the day.

Maybe sleeping, curled up, covered the head with the tail in the tree. Or sleep on a tree branch if there is something dangerous on the ground.

When it comes to puberty, the first thing it has to do is clean its coat by licking and rubbing. Then go around the territory, marked with 2 ways: urine or musk.


Dubbed the peak climbers because they are mainly in the trees, climbing. Behind the thick fur on the feet are sharp, sharp claws.

Thanks to that, it can firmly grasp the branches and trunks without slipping. They jump on trees, with a jump of up to 1.5m.

The claw also helps to hold on to gathered food like fruit, etc. It also has an impressive trick that no other species has, which is the addition of a weaning thumb.

Extended from the carpal bone, it rotates the ankle to maneuver. In the unfortunate case of falling from the tree, the head goes down first.

Reproductive habits

Among animals, the conception of the red panda is more special. January is the breeding season, about 50-120 days, the offspring will be born.

The mother will make a nest in the tree hole with twigs or leaves to prepare for the birth. The pup weighs only about 100 grams, has not yet opened its eyes at birth and has not yet had a keen sense of hearing.

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They only give birth to 1-2 children at a time, a few give birth to 4 children at a time and are born with beige hair. Gradually growing to gray, opening eyes at 18 days old.

At 3 months of age, the pups change markedly in both characteristics and behavior. They are said to be mature at 2-3 years of age and have a lifespan of 10 years.

Some cubs have the ability to live to 15 years old but very rare. In captivity, life expectancy is extended to 12-19 years.

What do red pandas eat?

They belong to the world of carnivores, but they seem to be quite healthy when they only eat plants.

Usually eats berries on trees or young shoots in the forest, preferring all kinds of fruit.

Also eat some small rodents or bird eggs. Each time you have to eat 2kg to have enough energy, in captivity, you will be fed cereals, milk and rice.

If they eat bamboo shoots, they need to eat 4kg and chew for 14-16 hours. If they do not get enough nutrition, they will suffer from digestive diseases and easily die.

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Red panda conservation

The first cause of the decline in numbers is undoubtedly habitat destruction. Moreover, the hunting, transportation, and trade of this species is rampant.

They are also captured as pets or for fur to serve the fashion industry. As a matter of fact in the wild they seem to have no enemies.

In 7 provinces in China, 4 provinces are completely extinct. In total, there are currently less than 10,000 individuals worldwide. Today, countries are making efforts to conserve and maintain this animal.


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